Ava Tracy (5/2022)

I was young and the summer air was hot and heavy, so hot you would be showered in warmth the minute you stepped outside. Too hot to stand on the concrete bare foot, so you had to find cool patches of shade to protect your burning toes...

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The Lady in White

Gabriella Reiss (5/2022)

Tomás was ten when he discovered his ability to see the future. It could be several days, hours, minutes into the future, though minutes were typical. He was at the park watching a ladybug crawl across the grass, when a searing pain flashed through his mind...

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Crimson and Steel

I forced a bright smile as I opened the door to the green Bulgarian pastures, the sheep dotting the hillsides that sloped up from my cottage. Petar, my little eight-year-old boy, waved goodbye and clutched the small sack of bread and cheese that I had given him. Teodora, his thirteen-year-old sister, swung her wooden cane in her hand, the one that her father had helped her whittle a few years ago. 

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Dangerous Illusion

He could hear everything, but dared not open his eyes. Should he, he would want her back. He would turn around to just be able to touch her again…  and be lost in the Underworld forever.

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