Dangerous Illusion

Historical Context: Orpheus and Eurydice is a Greek myth where Orpheus, a musician, makes a deal with Hades, God of Wealth and King of the Underworld, to bring back his lost love, Eurydice if he doesn’t look back at her along the way. Of course, he looks back and is lost to the Underworld separately than his lover. In my version, since I always felt pity for them, they dance their way into Tartarus. Sure it’s still a bad fate, but since when are these things not?

He could hear everything, but dared not open his eyes. Should he, he would want her back. He would turn around to just be able to touch her again…  and be lost in the Underworld forever. An innocent soul, in the dark pits of Tartarus. His only drive was that it would be worth it, as he would do anything to get her back. 

Orpheus,” she says, the temptress, “My love. Please turn around so we can embrace again, don’t you want to touch my face again?”

He continued on, taunted by her every second of the way. She wanted him to turn around, she wanted him to turn around, she wanted-  he would be headstrong and stay on the right path. Yes, that’s right. 

“ Orpheus, one kiss to last the ages. Orpheus, one kiss to conquer all. Orpheus, don’t you want to heed my call?”

He played a tune on his lyre. It reminded him of her, but then again, everything did. He lost himself within its eclectic beat.

“Orpheus, do you not love me? If you did, you would have kissed me. Turn around, tell me you miss me!”

She was taunting him, every step of the way. All he could think of was how their life would continue to be perfect like it was.

It took all he could to not turn around, as her voice harmonized with his playing. He played by ear, his eyes closed. There were few songs he didn’t know how to play by rote. Few songs he hadn’t played for her.

“Orpheus, please, I want to touch those pretty lips again!  Don’t you want to touch my pretty hips again?” 

He got further and further away, but every step was heavier and heavier, and seemed to pull him back just as much as forward. The magnet of a lost and impossible love, only a forgotten memory.

He went into a classic song he knew. Maybe this would be a break he could lose himself in, he thought, forget about the madness that was not knowing whether she ever was there, his only company his lyre.

 But this song was a favorite of hers. It was a wonderful experience, her taking his hand and dancing to a forgotten melody from the remaining echo of the song still playing impatiently, waiting for him to get up and dance. He slowly rocked back and forth… if only he could be sure he’d have her back and they’d  dance, oh they’d dance, to their heart’s content! 

And then. Well, then he fell, but didn’t forget to try his best to not look at his Euridice. 

But he heard her beautiful voice singing along to that cursed tune they shared.  He couldn’t help but turn towards her, pluck his lyre a few times, and start to sing along with her. It was hard to look away once he did. He’d forgotten how beautiful she could be.  

Aphrodite wiped away tears. Must Hades punish them this way? It was only fair for a couple, even those who had defied the gods, to get a chance to stay together, even though they had done so. Such love! So she softened the blow.

 They started to dance. One step, two out, one step, two out... Through their many punishments for all eternity, all that mattered was the fact they were together forevermore, in an eternal embrace.

Hades sighed. Sometimes compromise worked out for the better.

Tartarus- A pit in the Underworld for torture of the wicked and the Titans.

Orpheus- Forlorn lover and lyre player. 

Eurydice- A lost love. 

Hades- God of wealth, King of the Underworld.