Deserts, Flower Ghosts, Eighth Dimension, and Venus

Portfolio by Semkyi Naksang-Hall (11/7/2022)

When the sun sets bleeding red and burnt orange over the sleeping mountains, here is what you’ll do...

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On The Verge

Claire Arveson (12/6/2022)

Why is the darkness so inviting? / The rain so welcome...

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If There is a God

Rebecca Myers (12/6/2022)

What is God? / If there is a God as in the books...

WARNING: The following piece may contain sensitive topics.  Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you!

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Desert Cradle and Bleed

Caroline Holloway-Imrie (11/7/2022)

She moves with the sky, / Arching / Sunset / These floors of long dead oceans hiss in heat...

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A Parent's Duty Can Lead To F*cked Up Love and Pink Suitcase

 Raina Smith (12/6/2022)

Honey, please listen / Pretend to care / At least give me / A small smile...

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Frances Johnson (5/2022)

I want to ask you what your name is / because I really don’t know...

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When I Draw

Isabel Kembel (5/2022)

As my pencil paints a picture / my paper is a portal / peering into a paradise... 

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Camera Lens

Elton Cao (5/2022)

Taking labored steps through faded photographs.  /  Do the oaks speak my language? Touching / rough bark...

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Dear Sadness

Julia Frew

Dear Sadness / you / rise up / like / the changing tides...

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Shafts of Light Through a Snowstorm

Lucas Allen

There’ve been colder days than this  / Although the days I miss all felt so warm...

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The Teapot

Sadie Boonin

He's buried in Tunisia / A Jewish star in a field of crosses...

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A Letter To My Hero

Marin Stott

I am new to this. / I do not know how to have heroes...

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Musings in a Hospital Gown

Whitney Toutenhoofd

ultimately / i wish it were snowing / i wish i could attribute / the fact that i am freezing cold...

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