'A Parent's Duty Can Lead to Fucked Up Love' and 'Pink Suitcase'

Raina Smith

A Parent's Duty Can Lead to Fucked Up Love

Honey, please listen

Pretend to care

At least give me

A small smile

Something to show

That your listening

To me right now

Instead of those little voices

In your head

I know what it's like

To feel like drowning

Trust me I know

But right now it feels like

You could try a little harder

Just try harder



Listen to me

Stop staring at the wall

Like I don’t exist

I know you hear me

I am just doing what's best

As a parent

You will understand someday

When you are one

But this is my duty

And I don't care if your angry

I don’t care

Because this is what's best

I know what's best

I am your parent

I love you

Pink Suitcase

You think your words mean something

To me

They don't

They never will

I'll calmly pack my things

In that pink suitcase you bought for me

The one we took to Michigan



You don't remember

But I do

Every awkward conversation

Every glare

Every cold breakfast in the hotel

Waiting for you to apologize

You never did

When it was all over we went back to work

Pretended like nothing happened

We were wrong

Everything happened

When you finally owned up

To that detrimental mistake

Your words meant nothing

They didn't then

And they never will

This is why I left

Packed my things last night

In that pink suitcase

Left this note

You'll never read