Editor's Note

Elton Cao


Ever since I’ve begun writing, I have believed that passions of the creative arts are present wherever we go, wherever humans sculpt the world. Throughout history, woven in our culture; we are built upon the principles of writing.

This year’s issue of Ellipses only proves me more and more correct. Coming in as a new student to Fairview high school during sophomore year, I had turned to the Ellipses Literary Magazine as a place of interest, having read a multitude of online literary magazines.

However, to my concern, the club practically did not exist anymore. It had been shut down in the past few years, with attempts to reignite the club dwindling away within a couple weeks. This led me to toss around the idea that the passion of the creative arts was weak or did not even exist at this school.

However, after a couple weeks of working out logistics, I attempted to reboot the club, reaching out and promoting it in an attempt to bring the arts back. Admittedly, my hopes weren’t particularly high. Yet, as a couple days passed, I began to connect with students who were interested in participating in the magazine. After that, once submissions started coming in, I suddenly found that the creative passion had not faded away; it only needed a little ignition.

Although this group of students had only been working on this magazine for less than a semester, we’ve still been able to put together an extraordinary magazine built upon the wonderful student submissions. Both submissions from the editors themselves and other students have been gathered in the 2022 Issue of the Ellipses Literary Magazine. I’m not only excited to share this issue with the readers, but also excited for what else we can accomplish in the next couple of years. The sparks of today will result in tomorrow's fire.

If there’s one thing to take away from this issue, it’s that creativity lives in all of our hearts!